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Black Knight 2001

Black Knight 2001


  • Year of issue: 2001
  • Genre: Fantasy / Comedy
  • Country: USA
  • Slogan: "" It's only a flesh wound! ""
  • Quality: HDTVRip
  • Productivity : 95 minutes
  • Translation: Polyphonic [License]
  • Release Date: (WORLD) November 15 (2001)
  • Director: Jill Janger
Actors: Martin Lawrence, Marsha Thomason, Tom Wilkinson, Vincent Regan, Michael Countryman, Kevin Conway, Jannette Wigar, Eric Jensen, Dikran Tulaine, And One Helen Kelly when he lazily cleaned the moat around the park, he unexpectedly saw a strange medallion. The boy picked it up and then the film "Black Knight" which you can right now, began to quickly spin in the plot! In no time, Jamal finds himself in medieval England in 1328! Another would have been confused at the place of our hero, but not Jamal. Soon he realizes that he is in an alien place and time. For some reason, the British mistook him for a Norman - the reason for this is his manner of speaking and dressing.

But the guy is considered not just a Norman without a clan and tribe - but a Norman duke! Everyone is convinced that he intends to marry the daughter of the king himself! Our hero quickly succeeds - a little time passes, and now he is already in the ranks of the royal guard. But he does not have to rejoice at his successes for a long time - England is going through hard times, because her king is a real usurper! And Jamal has to do something ...

In general, comedies where the main characters fall into the past are many. For example, “Mirror for a Hero”, “Peggy Sue Married,” “Mr. Nobody,” among the domestic ones, “Ivan Vasilyevich Changes the Profession,” “Sagittarius Seldom”, all these films tell us that the past can and should be changed. What for? To build a new, better future.

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