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Glitches 2006

Glitches 2006


  • Year of issue: 2006
  • Genre: The horrors / HD movies
  • Country: USA / Germany
  • Slogan: "" paranoia is contagious ""
  • Quality: HDRip
  • Duration: 102 min.
  • Translation: Duplicate [License]
  • Release date: (MIR) May 19 (2006)
  • Directed by: William Friedkin
Actors: Ashley Judd Michael Shannon Harry Connick Jr. Lynn Collins Brian F. O'Birn Neil Bergeron Bob Neill Everyone has their own fears. Depressive psychosis is a topic that is mainly covered in horror stories about maniacs. We are waiting for an intriguing unusual story from start to finish. In tension, expect what will happen next moment. Hallucinogenic tape is shocking.

The film "Glitches" looks at one go, the plot is dynamic. Somewhere you get scared, but somewhere you hold your breath. The creator of the "Exorcist Devil" managed to achieve in his picture an atmosphere of fear with the help of camera work and the almost complete absence of the soundtrack. The scenery is kept to a minimum — she is alone throughout the strip, a motel room. The audience is isolated from the outside world with the characters, so you really immerse yourself in their emotional experiences.

Agnes leads a recluse lifestyle. Her husband, a tyrant, is in prison, but will soon be released. And before Agnes was subjected to domestic violence, the prison did not go to anyone else for good. A young woman is afraid that the nightmare will repeat, and her husband will again start beating her. She decided to escape to a provincial town. Soon, strange phone calls begin to haunt her. Peter - after participating in the fighting in the Gulf, suffers from mental illness - paranoia. A mysterious "chemistry" takes place between Agnes and Peter. Soon the third intervenes.

Watch the movie "Glitches" like it or not, I can not judge. My opinion is neutral. Typical paranoid thriller. Paranoia is the driving force behind the plot. Journey into the mazes of inflamed consciousness on the background of life drama and new relationships on the verge of madness.

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