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Dirty games 2012

Dirty games 2012


  • Year of issue: 2012
  • Genre: HD movies / Thrillers
  • Country: Canada / USA
  • Tagline: "You can't escape the past" "
  • Quality: HDRip
  • Prod- St: 121 min.
  • Translation: Polyphony
  • Released: (PE) September 6 (2012)
  • Director: Robert Redford Actors: Robert Redford, Shia LaBeouf, Julie Christie, Sam Elliott, Jackie Ivanko, Brendan Gleason, Terrence Howard, Richard Jenkins, Anna Kendrick, Brit Marling “Dirty Games” (The Company You Keep) is an interesting American detective thriller with a twisted, confusing plot that will keep viewers in suspense until the last scenes of the film.

    In 1969, a radical anti-war group ppirovka "Weather Underground" has organized a series of bombings on American soil. Many of these people were sent to prison for a long time. But some members of the group were able to escape for a while. They committed crimes and in every way interfered with the rule of law. Then there was a lull, but today the FBI began to hunt for the surviving gang members.

    In parallel with the active work of the FBI, the young reporter Ben Shepard (Shia LaBuff - Transformers, Constantine: Lord of Darkness, Triumph) begins his own investigative journalism. The guy soon goes on the trail of the former member of the group Jim Grant (Robert Redford - "Scam", "Havana", "All the Presidential Men"), which today is a model for imitation. He brings up his daughter, works fruitfully and works hard, observes the law and cannot even be suspected of something criminal. However, to meet with a journalist Jim Grant is not willing. And when the FBI comes on his trail, the man decides to run. So what does Grant really hide? Ben Shepard, who is at the very epicenter of events, will have to deal with this question ...

    Robert Redford’s Hollywood premiere of “Dirty Games” is a great example of a good thriller in which intrigue and mystery persist throughout the film. This movie is popular with fans of detectives and investigations, which is why we advise The Company You Keep to all lovers of tapes, in which the search for justice takes center stage where you don’t expect it.

    Can young journalist Ben Shepard be able to find out the truth that influential people have carefully hidden from the public for many years at the level of government? You will find the answer if you start the movie “Dirty Games” on this site right now!

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