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Cupcake in the big city 2013

Cupcake in the big city 2013


  • Year of issue: 0
  • Genre: HD movies / Comedy
  • Country: USA
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  • Genre: Comedies / HD movies"
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  • Release Date: Actors: Catherine Morris, James Best, Alastair Mackenzie, Steve Varnom, Sam Douglas, Stephen Hogan, Jane March, Christine Oram, Jerome Holder, Jeffrey Burton
    Year of release: 2013
    Country: United States
    Slogan: "-"
    Genre: Comedy
    Quality: DVDRip
    Duration: 81 min.
    Translation: Professional (Polyphonic)
    Premiere (WORLD) January 19 (2013)

    The main character of this comedy is called Desiree Harper. She is a real "socialite", lives in luxurious apartments on the prestigious Manhattan, loves to tweet or stroll through boutiques with exactly the same girlfriends as she has and has an impressive, luxurious haute couture garment.

    But you will be the film “Cupcake in the big city”, and you will watch how one day all her idyll is uninterrupted for Desiree will fly to hell. The rich hubby "overeat pears", having met and even fell in love with some other woman. Yes, so much so that he decided to divorce his wife and leave her without content. Now Madame Harper is not at all "in chocolate." She has to make a fateful decision - to leave a noisy, betraying her New York and go to their historic homeland, in a provincial town, New Jersey.

    And there (you will see this when you start the film “Cupcake big city ") her father lives. He has a small but profitable business - his own bakery, where excellent cupcakes are baked. Since Desiree has absolutely nothing to do, and it’s somehow necessary to justify one’s existence financially, it also becomes part of the father’s business and begins to get used to working in the bakery.

    And here you will be “Cupcake the big city ”, and you will see the changes that will occur with the previously arrogant, dressed in the dust and dust“ socialite ”. Because the real, full, correct life always waited for her precisely here, in a small town. Moreover, here she is waiting for the brightest of all existing feelings - love. Desiree finally and irrevocably forgets about through the fake Fifth Avenue and begins to understand the beauty of existence in an unpretentious one-story America.

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