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Bloody Santa 2012

Bloody Santa 2012


  • Year of issue: 2010
  • Genre: HD movies / The horrors
  • Country: Ireland
  • Slogan: "" On the night of the full moon he will not spare anyone! ""
  • Quality: BDRip
  • Prod -st: 85 minutes
  • Translation: Duplicated [License]
  • Release Date: (Russian Federation) November 29 (2012)
  • Director: Dick Mas
Actors: Egbert Jan Weber, Bert Luppes, Caro Lenssen, Hub Stapel, Asha Tanihatu, Jim Deaddes, Joey van der Velden According to the plot of the picture, we move to the full moon, which is on December 5th falls once every 32 years! An old legend says that evil Santa will come this night and get even with her ill-wishers and all who meet on his way.

Saint Nicholas is a real bloodthirsty killer, not a sweet friend of children! As soon as the moon appears in the sky, he opens a hunt for all the guys who forgot to close their doors ...

The "Bloody Santa" (Sint) ribbon, which we offer on our website at any convenient time and in excellent to all visitors of the resource, in fact, it turns out not just a Dutch horror film, which in itself sounds already encouraging, but a real nightmare, in which the character familiar to everyone, even the smallest, is participating - Santa.

The main villain of the picture presented will be a touchy, scary and frightening hero who needs to resist. How well the characters of the tape will do this, you can see even before you start the full movie “Bloody Santa” (Sint) at a convenient time. “How?” - ask us now.

We offer you the trailer for the movie "Bloody Santa" (Sint) on our website at any time suitable for this lesson. The corresponding video presented on this page will immerse you in the atmosphere of an amazing European movie of the horror genre, which is very, very different from a film similar in concept, but shot on the other side of the ocean, on the sunny shores of California and its main representative in the world of cinema - Hollywood!

We wish you the memorable sint of the movie “Bloody Santa” (Sint) in a magnificent on our entertainment resource!

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