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Lily forever 2003

Lily forever 2003


The worst thing that can happen to a child, this is when his own parents leave him. Well, these are not even people, but who is unknown. And, nevertheless, there are a lot of such non-humans in the world. The situation is, of course, extremely difficult, but it is precisely about it that will be discussed in this criminal dramatic film. The viewer has the opportunity to film “Lily forever” on this site, where the main character is a young girl named Lily, the role of which will be performed by a domestic actress named Oksana Akinshina, who starred in the film “Dandies”.

All the actions and events of the proposed dramatic picture unfold in one republic of the former Soviet Union. It was here that the main character Lily lived earlier. When the girl was still very young, her mother met an American who, in turn, turned out to be a serious, wealthy businessman. Mother leaves for the United States of America. And she leaves her daughter in the care of her aunt, vouching for the fact that in the near future he will send an invitation to America for Lily. But time passes, and mothers and the trace caught a cold. The main character begins to understand that the mother left her daughter to the mercy of fate, and that now she is completely alone in this mortal world.

But do you have to live on something? And so, one fine day, one of Lily's girlfriends invites her to become a prostitute, and, oddly enough, Lily agrees to such a daring offer. In principle, a girl can be understood, because she grew up in splendid isolation, has never really studied anywhere, and does not know anything. This is not to say that this life suits Lilya, but there’s simply nowhere to go! It was a black streak of life of the main character, and now, finally, a white streak comes. Once Lily meets a young man named Andrei, and after a while, he offers the girl to go with him to Switzerland and start a new life, life from scratch.

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