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Time Machine 2002

Time Machine 2002


  • Year of issue: 2002
  • Genre: Fantasy / Adventure
  • Country: USA
  • Slogan: "Be careful of your desires"
  • Quality: HDRip
  • Duration: 96 min .
  • Translation: Dubbed
  • Release Date: June 6, 2002
Actors: Guy Pearce, Mark Eddy, Phyllida Law, Laura Kirk, Josh Stamberg, John W. Momrow, Sienna Gillory, Max Baker, Jeffrey M. Meyer, Alan Young The invention of the time machine was necessary for Professor Hartdegen to save his beloved bride from an accidental bullet. But changing the past is impossible. Alexandra is tormented by the question of why all his efforts are in vain, and in search of an answer he goes to the distant future. But after two hundred years on the planet, the situation has changed for the worse. The scientist was injured, fell into unconsciousness, his invention lost control and the professor was eight hundred thousand years ahead. Watch Time Machine to find out what can change the course of time, you can in the cinema and at home.

The heyday of technological progress is a thing of the past, and instead of houses - hanging hammocks. And people became simple and good-natured, again proving that true happiness is possible only without pretense. However, the dark side is here. Part of the world's population has turned into monsters, Morlocks. They moved underground and fiercely hate all those who stayed on the surface under the sun. For them, the most important task was the complete destruction of the entire terrestrial world.

Films of the science fiction genre are not the first time to paint the future not quite serene, but they also do not take away hopes for happiness. According to the film, shot seven years ago, it is very interesting: to compare what was predicted in it with the present, to determine coincidences and errors is an entertaining lesson, no less interesting than the pictures themselves. Director Simon Wells is the great-grandson of Herbert Wells, author of Time Machine, the novel that became the basis for the film. During a meeting with the main character, artificial intelligence mentions precisely this work and the 1960 film.

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