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Do not try to repeat the Freaks of Nature 2013

Do not try to repeat the Freaks of Nature 2013


  • Year of issue: 2013
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Country: USA
  • Slogan: "-"
  • Quality: SATRip
  • Duration: 43 min.
  • Translation: Two-voice
  • Release Date: 2013
Why is YouTube video so popular? Probably because everything is real there. Even the coolest production film, with breathtaking special effects and incredibly realistic pictures, leaves the impression of a fairy tale, a deception - after all, this is not for real. A primitive fall shot by a home camera, but the present - with unplayed pain, a bump on the forehead or a bloody abrasion, collects hundreds of thousands of comments. And what can we say about really shocking scenes and frames shot at home by various eccentrics. So the director Simon Bennett decided to collect in one tape in the documentary genre the most impressive tricks and experiments that struck his imagination. We offer you the film Do not try to repeat / Natural freaks, but together with the author we strongly do not recommend repeating what you saw.

A portion of shock, fun and bewilderment from this tape, or rather even the movie show, released in 2013 year, the viewer will get it unambiguously. What miracles are not found on our planet! And the person through whom the electric current passes, without bringing him any unpleasant sensations. And a boar man, who is scared, not just living next to him. And a very smart octopus doing real tricks. And all sorts of strange personalities: one hunts rabbits with the help of a snake, since the authorities did not give him permission for weapons. Another eccentric from hot Spain, naked, landed on the South Pole from an airplane. Third ... No, let’s not say that the third and fourth and - all 20 stories will not be described for the miracle of nature. You yourself can film Do not try to repeat / Natural whims and choose the winner of this strange, but such a cool show. The success of the film is so great that the director promised to continue in 2014.

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