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Resident Evil 3 2007

Resident Evil 3 2007


  • Year of issue: 2007
  • Genre: Fantasy / The horrors
  • Country: Australia / Great Britain / France / Germany / USA
  • Slogan: "" This time without compromise ""
  • Quality: DVDRip
  • Prod: 95 min.
  • Translation: Duplicated
  • Released: (RF) September 20 (2007) Actors: Milla Jovovich , Oded Fehr, Eli Larter, Iain Glen, Ashanti, Christopher Egan, Spencer Locke, Matthew Marsden, Linden Ashby, Jason O'Mara The appearance of the third version of the zombie tape fans looked forward to. This time, the blockbuster was directed by Russell Mulkay, known to the general public for the films Mummy: Prince of Egypt, Tutankhamen: The Curse of the Tomb and other super popular cinema hits. I'm not talking about his great TV series “The Mysterious Island”. It turns out that his strong point is not only adventures, but also evil zombies.

    The film Resident Evil 3 will be able to intrigue the lovers of mystical horrors. The plot is exciting, moments really scary. The special effects are original, worthy of a cool action movie.

    Mighty Umbrella Corporation has conceived a cunning plan aimed at the destruction of humanity. The world elite, which is composed of talented scientists and politicians, decided that simple mortal people must be destroyed, and not their place to create clones with super abilities that will live forever. Fearless Alice again goes on the warpath. She appears, like a fury, on her bike, armed to the teeth.

    Unfortunately, we will not see Jill Valentine, but there are a lot of interesting new characters.

    Watch the film "Resident Evil 3" immerses the surroundings in golden tones. The deserted city of Angels is covered with sand, stunted palm trees and rare houses contrast with Umbrella glass laboratories.

    Soundtracks, although not as gloomyly beautiful, as in the first part of the inimitable Marilyn Manson, but better than the second. As a result, we are again intrigued by the finale, and the expectation of another continuation.

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