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October sky 1999

October sky 1999


  • Year of issue: 0
  • Genre: HD movies / Family / Drama
  • Country: USA
  • Tagline: "
  • Genre: Drama / Family / HD movies"
  • Quality: HDRip
  • Proceed:
  • Translation:
  • Release Date: Actors: Jake Gyllenhaul, Chris Cooper, Laura Dern, Chris Owen, William Lee Scott, Chad Lindberg, Nathalie Kenerdey, Scott Miles, Randy Stripling, Chris Ellis Year of release: 1999
    Country: United States
    Slogan: "Based On An Extraordinary True Story"
    Genre: Drama, Family
    Quality: DVDRip
    Duration: 108 min.
    Translation: Professional [license]
    Premiere (WORLD) February 19 (1999)

    1957, the whole world watches the Soviet Union launch the first satellite in the world. Now the USSR can rightly be called a space power. The world changes instantly, it becomes clear that a different era of new technologies and more modern equipment is coming.

    A boy from Virginia - Homer Hickam will know about it. He listens to the radio with a sinking heart, which tells that space has now become available to people. The love of outer space is born in the heart of the main character and he decides to make a rocket that can overcome many kilometers of space and go into outer space.

    The idea seems silly and meaningless. After all, to realize the dream requires expensive equipment, a lot of calculations and of course the carrier, which can take the rocket to such a long distance. Despite this, he has many comrades among his friends and acquaintances. All want the unknown city of Colwood to become the most famous and famous for cosmic achievements. His father is against and wants his son to also become a miner. The guy will do everything to succeed. Watch the film The October Sky is worth it because the film is a visual aid for those who want to fulfill their dream.

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