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Writers Freedom 2007

Writers Freedom 2007


  • Year of issue: 0
  • Genre: Crime / Drama
  • Country: USA
  • Tagline: "
  • Genre: Drama / Crime"
  • Quality: HDRip
  • Prod::
  • Translation:
  • Release Date:
    Year of manufacture: 2007
    Country: USA, Germany
    Slogan: “our story. our words. "
    Genre: Drama, Crime
    Quality: HDRip
    Duration: 123 min.
    Translation: Professional (polyphonic)
    Premiere (WORLD) January 5 (2007)

    Erin, an ambitious and fragile teacher, comes to a school in a disadvantaged area of ​​Long Beach. Pupils of her ninth grade are gang members and factions. Many left the colony and did not want to learn. Otsizhivaya in the classroom, just to get behind them. But Erin wants to reach these embittered hearts. Indeed, in the depths of the soul, they remain useless to anyone or unjustly offended teenagers. At one of the lessons she distributes notebooks to the children and invites them to write down everything they want to tell and share. From these records, Erin learns about the plight of each of her students. At first she is scared of this. But she persistently does her job, as her father taught.

    She has to get an extra job to buy new books for the guys.

    And once she leads them to the Museum of the Second World War, and then to the restaurant to meet with the surviving participants in the war. And gradually, the guys realize that their gangster clashes and wars are nothing compared to what happened in the history of mankind. Watch the film Writers of Freedom. This dramatic and instructive story touches you to tears and makes you think.

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