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Police Academy 3 Retraining 1986

Police Academy 3 Retraining 1986


  • Year of issue: 1986
  • Genre: HD movies / Crime / Comedy
  • Country: USA
  • Slogan: "" An open-and-shut case of nonstop laughter ""
  • Quality: HDRip
  • Prod: 83 min.
  • Translation: Polyphonic
  • Release Date: (WORLD) March 21 (1986)
  • Director: Jerry Paris
Actors: Steve Guttenberg, Bubba Smith, David Graf, Michael Winslow, Marion Ramsey, Leslie Easterbrook, Art Metrano But passions rage in the walls of Alma Mater: the first release returned to its native walls, to help beginners gain the necessary knowledge and to show the upper class. The funny film, in which there is a lot of humor, echoes the 2011 John McDonagh film: in both paintings, the main characters are police, in both they are different, and in both you need to find a common language in order to win. Watch Police Academy 3: Retraining to see how the struggle between the ideal legislators of commandant Lassard and the company of the students of careerist Mauser (yes, he quickly managed to advance through the ranks ...) is best in the company: you can laugh and remember the best episodes of previous issues.

Among the newcomers, there is also a leader of a very peculiar gang, who does not frighten anyone at all, and who owns martial arts (and where without them?) Asian, and Hightower who has already become a family, a harmful sergeant with a powerful man, dear black woman and, of course, Mahoney. The traditions of the comedy have not changed in anything: they still tease the head of a rival academy, Harris, the loser villain, also causes sympathy.

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