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Police Academy 7 Mission in Moscow 1994

Police Academy 7 Mission in Moscow 1994


  • Year of issue: 1994
  • Genre: Crime / Comedy
  • Country: USA
  • Slogan: "" Just when we thought the Cold War was over, leave it to these guys to heat it up again ""
  • Quality: HDTVRip
  • Duration: 83 min.
  • Translation: Polyphonic
  • Release Date: (WORLD) June 10 (1994)
  • Director: Alan Metter
Actors: George Gaines, Michael Winslow, David Graf, Leslie Easterbrook, J.W. Bailey, Christopher Lee, Ron Perlman Again, the brave and risky guys have to measure strength with the head of the Russian mafia - Konstantin Kanali. This hero was excellently played by Ron Perlman. The actor showed his hero to Russian mafiosi, who has an American type of behavior. For the bandit, stereotypes and traditions remained important throughout the film.

Naturally, in the last series of the series, there are few favorite heroes left. The viewer can see Lassard and Jones, Tecklbury and Callahan, captain Harris. Very often, General Rakov flashed on the screen, played by Christopher Lee. This hero appreciates traditions and therefore, in any case, performs the ritual of the “Brezhnev triple kiss”.

We again see personnel from the Police Academy, where Colonel Lassard still leads. As before, Captain Harris seeks to secure the position of boss. A team of professionals led by a colonel flies to Russia. Here the fun begins. After all, the heroes have to stop Konstantin Kanalya and prevent the massive spread of the computer game "The Game". In addition, during the development of the plot, the viewer sees that the dreams of the mafia boss relate to Red Square, the Kremlin and the Lenin Mausoleum. The gangster group wants to be their owner.

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