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Duck Stories Cherished Lamp 1990

Duck Stories Cherished Lamp 1990


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  • Genre: HD movies / Cartoons
  • Country: USA
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  • Genre: Cartoons / HD movies"
  • Quality: HDRip
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Release year: 1990
Country: France, USA
Slogan: “Scrooge McDuck's First Full-Length Animated Feature Film”
Genre: Cartoons
Quality: DVDRip
Duration: 74 min.
Translation: Dubbed
Premiere (WORLD) August 3 (1990)

The series “Duck Tales” in the nineties became one of the most beloved for many children around the world. In the wake of such success, Disney Studio decided to show everyone a new full-length story with the participation of popular characters. When you start the cartoon Duck Tales: The Treasured Lamp, you will again see old acquaintances: the ducklings Willy, Billy and Dilly, their smart, fisted, but very sincere uncle Scrooge and a loyal strongman with a funny name Zigzag McKryak.

The whole company wanders in the sands of the Egyptian desert, hoping to find a mysterious pyramid where the treasures of Collie Baba are hidden. When they nevertheless discover this ancient structure and get to the treasure, they do not even suspect that in this way they indicated its whereabouts to the evil sorcerer Merlock. This treacherous magician sets a trap for ducks, where they fall, and he takes all the treasure and disappears in an unknown direction. He thinks: what was needed was found - a lamp in which a powerful genie was sealed. And the life of the duck company is now under threat - Merlock set huge crabs on the brave travelers. But they manage to escape and (seemingly) sullenly slandered off to their native Datsburg. Carrying just one golden lamp from all the treasures found.

This cartoon Duck Tales: The Treasured Lamp can be found on our TedFilms website. You can see how cute Ponochka begs a beautiful lamp from uncle to play tea with dolls and release a genie. So begins a new unusual adventure.

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