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Return to the island of Nîmes 2013

Return to the island of Nîmes 2013


  • Year of issue: 2013
  • Genre: HD movies / Adventure / Family
  • Country: Australia
  • Slogan: "-"
  • Quality: HDRip
  • Extend: 90 min.
  • Translation: Duplicated
  • Released: (RF) May 30 (2013) Actors: Matthew Lillard , Bindi Sue Irwin, John Waters, Toby Wallace, Sebastian Gregory, Jack Pearson, Nathan Derrick He was 14 years old. However, the girl still lives on an island that is lost in the ocean. The noise of the waves, the singing of birds, the silence of the wild nature - all this became native to the main character. The island was chosen by poachers. Many rare species of animals are very expensive in large cities. Naturally, this is a great way to get rich quickly.

    All the animals on the island - birds and beasts - are girl's friends. She does not want to part with them and understands that if she does not fight back the poachers, then soon there will be no one here except her. Naturally the 14-year-old main character will not be easy to carry out his plan. After all, it will be opposed by adult men who are capable of bold actions. A guy comes to the rescue - Edmund. He fled to the island from the mainland in search of adventure. Ran well and the adventure will be full.

    And such that they will be remembered for a long time. Neem and Edmund decide to save the island from the guests and create a plan to resist the invaders. To help them friends from the island and the local fauna. A lot of different baits and traps will cause rejection of uninvited guests, and they will not want to linger here for a long time. Watching the film Return to the Nimes Island is recommended to viewers who miss the adventures and beautiful tropical nature.

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